Yes this is me moments after my Covid-19 test. Worst test ever!

Reluctant blogger

I call myself reluctant because I’m usually a very private person. I’m not on facebook. I don’t tweet and I don’t post photos of myself. I like to be anonymous but as these are extraordinary times, I want to do things a bit differently.

Recently, I’ve been reading the Bible and I had a thought that maybe my study might be of interest to someone or, dare I say it, encourage and inspire someone to begin or continue their own reflection. So, the thoughts I write here are not professional (and they may even evolve over time). I am not a theologian. I am not an opinion piece writer and I am sure as heck new to blogging. So here goes…

Oh, about me…I have four young children, I’m Australian, and I consider myself to be an average person. Average as in – I believe that we are all created equal and should act in love and respect at all times.